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  1. MisterCantiere

    Format Discussion Metronome Battle Fluffy/Fur Coat Retest: Voting

    Fluffy: Unban Fur Coat: Keep Banned
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    Project SS OU Ladder Achievements

    Choice team is fun B1 Too Much Choice: Use a team with 6 Pokemon having a Choice item. (!showteam required) B6 Attack! Attack! Attack!: Use a team with only attacking moves. (no status moves) Proof post #100
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    Project SS OU Ladder Achievements

    I guess this replay is for more achievements lol B9 Keep Your Feet on The Ground: Use a team with only grounded Pokemon. (grounded is on the ground, not Ground type) S6 Serial Killer: Get 6 KOs with the same Pokemon in a game. S21 Snowball: Get 3 kills in a row with a Pokemon who has the...
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    Project SS OU Ladder Achievements

    S27 Golem Army Account Proof in the spoiler
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    Metagame 1v1 Metagame Discussion

    I wanted to return playing 1v1 and I'm actually pretty scared about Cinderace. I'm still thinking for a team that counters him or at least not having huge problems against it. But nope. No idea on what to do. Too many sets. As you said, I hope for more counters. Otherwise, I forsee a suspect test..
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    Team Fortress 2 - Join us at #lol

    I would love to play once again TF2, but I always have a huge problem with this game. I don't know why, but my previous PC and the one I'm using right now has problems running it. Ok, it is a laptos but it is not a bad PC either. I can run a huge number of games perfectly with no graphical...
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    Media Videogame thread

    Not to mantion that right now you can craft items even without the exact recipy, just with a click on that "green book" during the crafting. Speaking of Minecraft, I'm very happy to see that this game still has a very huge playerbase. I think it is a complete game, where you can do basically...
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    Monotype [Monotype] Alolan Muk (Poison + Dark) (GP 2/2)

    Purtroppo non riesco a trovare un momento libero, specialmente in questi giorni. Volevo tentare in settimana, ma la vedo dura...
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    Monotype [Monotype] Alolan Muk (Poison + Dark) (GP 2/2)
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    Monotype Prenotazione Analisi

    Prenoto Alolan Muk, entrambi i tipi
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    OU [OU] Latios (GP 2/2) [OVERVIEW] La sua ottima Speed e le sue statistiche offensive permettono a Mega Latios di essere il principale check a svariate minacce del metagame OU, come Heatran, Landorus-T e Gliscor. In aggiunta, il suo typing eccellente, le sue forti mosse...
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    OU Prenotazione Analisi

    Prenoto Latios
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    Tournament PSPL VII Playoffs: Finals [Won by Ubers Room]

    Come on italian pals! You HAVE to win! Of course... FORZA ITALIANO
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    Bello bello

    Bello bello
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    Metagame 1v1 Metagame Discussion

    Probably this set is kinda stupid, but I've tried enough times and I found it very, very viable! Salazzle @ Firium Z Ability: Corrosion EVs: 4 Atk / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Hasty Nature - Fake Out - Overheat - Sludge Wave - Hidden Power [Ice] First of all, how did I come up with this thing...
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    Bug Reports v2.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!) After U-Turn and Emergency Switch, I could not switch Pheromosa.
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    Other Userlist Icons Stylish

    PS Name: MisterCantiere Pokémon: Scizor
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    Ho 20 anni

    Ho 20 anni